Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why has the LED luminaire failed immediately on start up?

Live connection will instantly send maximum driver voltage through circuit.

Q. Why are the LED diodes "strobing" or "flashing"?

Pulsing or flashing results from the tripping and resetting of the circuit protection in the driver as it cuts the power and then tries to turn itself back on only to find the fault in the circuit still exists so it cuts the power once more. This will generally always save the driver from failure but is unfortunately not the case for the lighting on the circuit. In a series circuit if one light is damaged from incorrect wiring it will break the circuit causing all lighting on the circuit to go out. Halcyon does not accept responsibility for failures from incorrect wiring. All lighting sold by Halcyon goes through a burn in process at the factory and are pre wired and tested 100% working prior to being sold.

Q. Why does the LED luminaire power up by itself?

Please be aware when installing Drivers and LED luminaires on two way switching circuits - if the live TPS cable is run parallel and next to the non live TPS cable feeding the drivers , induction can occur causing luminaires to flash on and off. A relay or capacitor can be used to rectify this issue. Ensure relay or capacitor is distanced from the driver or alternatively use a larger wattage driver (note this issue is prevalent with small wattage drivers 4W and under).